Outreach Activities:
Parul Shah is committed to using the Kathak form to develop diverse audiences and communities as well as to promote personal growth. Through training classes, workshops, and arts education endeavors, Parul encourages a thoughtful and holistic approach to dance as a vehicle for self-expression and as a tool for community-building.

Parul Shah has been teaching Kathak in New York City for 20 years. Her Tribeca studio offers beginner, intermediate, and master level classes in the pure Kathak form. Instruction focuses on providing rigorous training that enhances appreciation of the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Students are encouraged to see Kathak as a living, breathing art form that requires inquiry and enables self-expression.

Workshops & Residencies:
Parul offers workshops in the form of lecture/demonstrations and long term residencies for educational institutions and the general public. Her open approach to Kathak movement provides a unique perspective into the world of Indian classical dance. Workshops highlight the hybrid history of the Kathak form as an example of artistic and social collaboration.

Arts Education:
Parul has been an artist-in-residence at New York City public schools for over 15 years. She has worked with numerous agencies, including Lotus Fine Arts, Arts Connection and Symphony Space, to promote cultural awareness and encourage self exploration through the arts.  She believes that teaching a multicultural art form not only welcomes the imagination of the mind, but also educates about the traditions and cultures of people that foster communication and help to overcome stereotypes and discrimination.

University Lec/Dem & Performances:
The parul shah dance collective has presented full length performances and lecture demonstrations at imminent educational institutions for over 15 years. Along with performance, Parul conducts long term residencies teaching about the aesthetics, evolution and intent of Indian classical dance.  Through participation, lecture, and dialogue, students gain valuable insight into the culture and peoples of South Asia.